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What is Bathroom Shower in Tagalog? Origin, Evolution, and Designs

The bathroom shower in Tagalog is called “dutsa” but most Filipinos call it “shower.” As we all know, a plumbing fixture that allows users to wash under a stream of water. But unlike in many countries, the shower is not that common in Filipino households. Instead, most Filipinos prefer using the timba and tabo when taking a bath or a shower. 

bathroom shower in Tagalog
The Regency Shower and Showers in the Philippines

The origin of the shower can be traced back to the Stone Age when tribes use waterfalls as their shower. During Ancient Egyptian times, society advanced and clay jugs were invented. Wealthy families then order their slaves to pour jugs of water that serve as their showers. But since the water is very cold, this tradition is seldom practiced. 

Yet, ancient Greeks are considered inventors of the shower and the first plumbers. Instead of using water jugs, they introduced a special showering system. This time, water was transported to special shower rooms through lead pipes. Showers became accessible to common people, not only to the rich. Fountains already had water sprouts on the side and became outdoor showers.

The medieval period (also called the Dark Ages or Middle Ages) was said to be the collapse of public showers when many Christians thought that taking showers was against their religious beliefs. On the other hand, some resources noted that this is not true, adding that this era even saw the start of bath soap production.

The truth is that public bathing slowly declined in the early parts of the Renaissance period. This was when the Black Death (bubonic plague) was widespread across Europe, where around 200 million people died from the disease. With the thought that public bathrooms were the culprit, King Henry VIII of England shut them down sometime in 1646.

Fast forward to 1767, London stove maker William Feetham invented the world’s first mechanical shower. The design includes an overhead tank where the water comes from and a basin from which the dirty water is pumped out once the user pulls a chain. But while the invention offers comfort, dirty water tends to go back to the tank and be used again.

Around 1810, during the Regency era, an improved design of Feetham’s invention was introduced and was called the English Regency Shower. This time, hot water can be used and the tank of water was installed much higher than the pipes, allowing the water to fall freely. But again, water can be reused and the cost is only for wealthy people.

Fortunately, indoor plumbing became more common in the US in the 1840s. This is also when several designs of showers were developed and clean water was now available when showering. To date, there are several types of showers including mixer showers, electric showers, power showers, smart showers, and digital showers. In the Philippines, most of them are used in luxury hotels.

Use dutsa in the Philippines.


Paki tingnan kung mainit na ang tubig sa dutsa. Mag-ingat ka at baka mapaso ka.


Please check if the water in the shower is now hot. Be careful, you might scald your hand.

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