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What is Cooking Pot in Tagalog? Designs, Sizes, and Uses

A cooking pot in Tagalog is called “kaldero.” This kitchen tool is a deep, round container with high, straight sides, a flat bottom, and a cover. It is typically made of stainless steel, but some types can also be made of aluminum, cast iron, clay, or ceramic. The kaldero comes in different designs and sizes, depending on the purpose or food to cook. 

Kaldero cooking pot
Kaldero full of rice (kanin)

Cooking pots usually come with lids that fit snugly on top. This design helps in trapping heat and moisture within the pot to facilitate faster cooking and prevent excessive evaporation. The high walls and flat bottom ensure an even distribution of heat and control, allowing users to cook at different temperature levels without having hot spots. 

The kaldero is different from the kaserola (saucepan) and is commonly used for cooking rice and tenderizing meat using slow cooking with boiling water. The bigger ones are called stock pots and usually have two loop handles. In Tagalog, they are simply called “malaking kaldero” (big cooking pot). The smaller ones only have a thick wire handle. 

Filipinos were already cooking meals even before the Spaniards came. During that time, they used “palayok,” a small cooking pot made of earthenware clay. Metal cooking pots were introduced during the Spanish colonization period. They became more popular during the American colonial period and were mass-produced throughout the country. 

These days, the kaldero is a very versatile and essential kitchen tool and is now used for different types of Filipino cuisines. Aside from cooking and tenderizing meat, it is also used for preparing soups and sauces, braising, simmering, stewing, and cooking vegetables and local dishes. The palayok is still somehow used today but very seldom. 

Aside from their functional purpose, cooking pots can also be aesthetically pleasing. Some of them feature decorative designs, colors, or finishes, making them suitable not only for cooking but also for serving food directly at the dining table. A smaller version of the kaldero is called the “kasirola,” which is often lightweight and made of aluminum. 

Use kaldero in the sentence. 


Napakainit ng kaldero kaya mag ingat ka, baka mapaso ka. 


The cooking pot is very hot, so be careful, you might get burned.

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