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What is Dustpan in Tagalog? Designs and How to Use Properly

A dustpan in Tagalog is called “pandakot,” from the word “dakot” which means “grab”. However, most Filipinos today call the dustpan a “daspan.” As the name suggests, a dustpan is used for picking up or collecting dust and debris on the floor or ground. Hence, the pandakot is the partner of the broom (“walis” in Tagalog) in sweeping dirt. 

dustpan in tagalog
Homemade dustpan Philippines

Dustpans are shovel-shaped pans with flat bottoms and triangular walls on opposite sides. They are commonly made from plastic, metal, or a combination of both. Some have rubber edges or teeth to help remove stubborn particles from the broom. The handle is long enough, allowing you to hold it comfortably without hurting your back.  

Today, dustpans come in different designs and are becoming more ergonomic. Some of them have handles that are slightly angled at the top for easier bending. Some have extendable handles so you can adjust their length to add more comfort. Others have no handles (handheld dustpans) and are ideal in tight spaces such as car interiors. 

To use a dustpan properly, sweep the dirt into it and slightly bend the handle backward to ensure effective collection without spilling the contents. Repeat the process until it is full, and put the contents inside the garbage can. This will help you save time going and forth. The wider the space of the dustpan, the more dirt you can collect. 

The history of the pandakot in the Philippines is not well-documented, but the use of similar cleaning tools can be traced back to ancient times. Before the introduction of modern dustpans, indigenous Filipinos utilized different methods and materials and methods for cleaning their surroundings. After all, Filipinos are naturally clean. 

But while the pandakot is not expensive, many Filipinos prefer making their own instead of buying one, especially if it will be used outdoors. Simply cut a large, empty can diagonally, and shape it like a scoop. Don’t forget to smooth the edges. Using a hammer and nails, attach a piece of a wooden pole to serve as its handle. That’s it! 

Use pandakot in a sentence. 


Hawakan mo ng mabuti ang pandakot habang nagwawalis ka. 


Hold the dustpan properly while you are sweeping.

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