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What is Floor Mop in Tagalog? History, Designs, and Uses

A floor mop in Tagalog is called “panglampaso sa sahig”, with “panglampaso” meaning “for cleaning” and “sahig” meaning “floor.” The word “mop” originated from the Latin term “mappe,” which translates to “napkin” or “cloth.” This essential cleaning tool is not limited to homes alone, as it is also used in offices, schools, hospitals, and various other buildings. 

Floor mop in Tagalog
Floor mops in the Philippines

The history of floor mops dates back to the 15th century. But according to the US Patent Office, the first patented mop holder was recorded in June 1837. This patent (#241) was granted to Jacob Howe, an inventor hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts. The design of this floor mop featured a detachable head connected to the handles by screws. 

In June 1893, Thomas W. Stewart, an African American inventor from Kalamazoo, Michigan, obtained a patent for an improved floor mop. Patent No. 499,402 showcased a design incorporating a clamping device and a lever, enabling users to wring out the mop without direct contact. Additionally, this mop also had a detachable head. 

There are two main types of floor mops – the dry mop or (dust-mop) and the wet mop. As the name suggests, the dry mop is used for picking up dry dirt, such as dust and sand. On the other hand, the wet mop is employed to wipe away liquid spills from the floor. They can also hold enough water and detergent for easier cleaning of floors. 

Other variations of floor mops include flat mops, sponge mops, string mops, and strip mops. Additionally, there are electric-powered steam mops available. These modern mops possess a refillable water tank, which, when heated, produces steam for cleaning. But then, this electrical appliance is expensive and is not practical in ordinary homes. 

In the Philippines, you can see almost all floor mops designs. Some of them come with a bucket, a rotating head, and a handle that you can push down to wash the mop head in the bucket without touching it. But regardless of the design, nearly all households have a floor mop, proving that cleanliness is one of the best Filipino traits.

Use panglampaso sa sahig in a sentence.


Di ko sinasadyang natapon yung tubig. Paki kuha yung panglampaso sa sahig.


I accidentally spilled water. Please get the floor mop.

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