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What is Ladle in Tagalog? Description, Types, and Uses

Ladle in Tagalog is called “sandok,” a kitchen utensil for transferring soups, sauces, and other liquid-based dishes. A ladle usually has a long handle and a deep, bowl-shaped scoop so it can hold a substantial amount of liquid. Ladles come in different designs, scoop sizes, and handle lengths. Each of them has specific purposes and benefits. 

ladle in tagalog
Different kinds of sandok

The sandok is crafted from various materials such as stainless steel, copper, or wood. It is designed to withstand the heat of boiling liquids while ensuring a comfortable grip for the user. The handle length is long enough to prevent the user from getting too close to the heat source. This ensures safety during cooking and avoiding spills while transferring hot liquids. 

The ladle played a significant role as a kitchen utensil in the Philippines even before the arrival of the Spaniards. At that time, Filipino cooking utensils such as siyansi and sandok were typically made from materials readily available in nature. This includes coconut shells, bamboo, or clay, allowing the locals to handle and serve food efficiently.

With the introduction of Spanish influences, copper and brass became popular choices for crafting ladles due to their heat-resistant properties and durability. These metal ladles were often decorated with intricate designs and patterns, showcasing Filipino craftsmanship. Over time, several new designs were invented to improve its benefits. 

Interestingly, another Tagalog name for the ladle is “kutsaron,” from the word “kutsara” (spoon). This term refers to a ladle with a longer handle to scoop hot soup or cold juice (palamig) from a deeper container. However, the word “kutsaron” is rarely used today. Nevertheless, you can still see street vendors selling “palamig” using them. 

And since Filipinos love rice so much, rice ladle or rice scoop (pang sandok sa kanin) is very common. Instead of having a bowl-shaped scoop, this kitchen utensil has a flat scoop and a shorter handle. Meanwhile, the sandok with a shallow scoop is called “pang sandok sa ulam” (viand spoon). Sometimes, it can also be used as a rice ladle. 

Use sandok in a sentence. 


Hawakan ng mabuti ang sandok para hindi matapon yung sabaw. 


Hold the ladle properly so the soup won’t spill.

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