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What is Lice Comb in Tagalog? Different Designs and How to Use

A lice comb in Tagalog is called “suyod,” a special type of hair comb. As the name implies, a lice comb is used to remove lice and their eggs (nits) from the hair and scalp. Lice are small insects that feed on blood from the scalp and infest the hair. These wingless parasites are usually found on the head and lay eggs close to the base of the hair shafts. 

lice comb in tagalog
Suyod (old and new design)

Head lice (kuto in Tagalog) are quite common among children, especially in school settings. But while these parasitic insects are known to be rampant during hot, humid conditions, they are present all year round. Because of their small sizes, they can crawl from one person to another without getting noticed and can also spread through shared items. 

Unlike an ordinary hair comb, suyod has very fine, closely spaced teeth on both sides. This makes the lice comb effective in capturing and removing lice and nits. The teeth are usually made of metal or plastic and may have rounded or pointed ends. A lice comb can also be useful for ongoing prevention and early detection of lice infestations. 

To use a suyod, you typically start by applying a lubricant, such as a conditioner or a specialized lice treatment product, to the hair. This helps make it easier for the comb to pass through the hair and immobilize the head lice. Then, comb through the hair in different sections, starting at the scalp and moving toward the ends of the hair strands. 

There have been no specific documented records about the origin of suyod in the Philippines. However, its usage can be traced back to ancient times as part of cultural practices surrounding hair care among Filipinos. Personal hygiene and grooming have been of great importance, and suyod has played a role in hair care. 

Regular and thorough combing with a lice comb is very helpful in treating and managing a lice infestation. Suyod helps to physically remove the lice and nits from the hair, along with other lice treatments, such as shampoos or topical medications. Lice combs are still being used today, especially in areas where modern hair treatments are limited. 

Use suyod in a sentence. 


Ang dami mo palang kuto. Hintayin mo ako at kukunin ko yung suyod. 


You have a lot of head lice. Wait for me, and I will get the lice comb.


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